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The following are articles from the local newspapers.

Posted Feb. 1, 2002

Sinclairs Honored for Work With Arts Council
The Council for the Arts of Herndon held its annual meeting Monday night, and Stacey and Dave Sinclair, long-time volunteers for the arts community and for the Herndon Dulles Chamber of Commerce, received two tokens of appreciation.
Arts Council President Harlon Reece presented the Sinclairs with the Volunteers of the Year award for their efforts at supporting the arts in Herndon. A few minutes later, Arts Council Executive Director Karen Cobb honored the couple again by presenting them with her appreciation award.
The meeting was held at the Days Hotel & Conference Center in Herndon. After a cocktail hour, Reece recapped the activities the Council for the Arts had successfully supported.
Among the programs Reece singled out were fund-raising activities that fund scholarships for local students, as well as such arts events as the annual Blues Fest, the Jazz Fest, Arts Week, and the Hands-on Art Area at the Herndon Festival.
Reece said the Council for the Arts now has more than 380 members and a strong and dedicated network of volunteers.
Winners of awards at the Council for the Arts of Herndon annual meeting were:
Stacey and Dave Sinclair—Volunteers of the Year
Bruce Napoli—President's Award
Melissa and Rob Klepner—Project of the Year
Sylvana's Restaurant—Distinguished Business Supporter
The Rappaport Companies—Distinguished Corporate Supporter
Elden Street Players—"Keeping the Arts Alive"
Jean Goldsby—"Keeping the Arts Alive"
HCTV-23—"Keeping the Arts Alive"
Chuck Curcio—Executive Director's Appreciation
Sanford Horn—Executive Director's Appreciation
Stacey & Dave Sinclair—Executive Director's Appreciation

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Posted Jan. 12, 2001
Killian-Sinclair Completes Acupuncture Training
Herndon resident Stacey Kil-lian-Sinclair, owner of Alternatives for Health in downtown Herndon, recently completed a three-year, professional master¯s degree program in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.
Killian-Sinclair said her new degree qualifies her to take a national exam in March, and after she passes that she will apply to Virginia for a license to practice acupuncture. úIt was just another step towards holistic healing,î Killian-Sinclair said Wednesday.
Graduation from the MITCM acupuncture course, which Killian-Sinclair began in January 1997, qualifies students to be licensed as acupuncturists in Maryland and other states and qualifies third-year students and graduates to take a board certification exam.
Killian-Sinclair said she has practiced massage therapy and other elements of holistic healing for about eight years, and the education she has received on acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine will increase her ability to perform holistic healing.
She said she will use the skills she learned in her holistic healing business, which offers such services as massage, relaxation therapy, ear candling and allergy elimination through pressure points.
Alternatives for Health can be reached at 703-467-0400.

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